How to make people throw money at you. (This isn't about strippers, but could be).


Have you ever been so delighted by someone that you just wanted to throw money at them?

Have you ever had a conversation so pleasant, so refreshing, so warm in your belly with a customer service person that you wanted to speak to their boss?  Tell them, ‘awesome job hiring ____________!  He was so kind and personable.  He totally deserves a raise!’

Have you ever been so pleased with a service that you couldn’t wait to tell someone about it?


Be that service provider.  Be that kind and personable person who totally deserves a raise. 


Because your ultimate goal isn’t just a sale—it’s the comeback.  And what makes people come back?  When they’re so delighted the first time around that they can’t wait to throw money at you again.

It’s like the circle of life except no one gets eaten.  Instead, they tell others and recommend they throw money at you too.  Magnificence expands, and so does your PayPal account. 

Your creativity and confidence elevates; you’re tipping the scale, overflowing with great work and gratitude.


Pre-social media, when a person had a good experience they told 3 people.  When they had a poor experience they told 10.


 By the end of 2011, Facebook was used by 1 in 13 people on Earth with over 50% logging in every day.  In April 2011, there were 200 million Twitter accounts. 

So, when Sally Smalltalk has a soul-stirring, biz-shifting strategy session with you–when she’s ecstatic & on fire—she doesn’t tell 3 people, she tweets it to 1600. And 20 of those people retweet it to their people.  And holy crap, potentially thousands of people now know just how mind-blowing you are.

If Sally thinks your service sucks, well, you do the math.

Here’s a real life example:

I should also note that Danielle Laporte has over 25,000 Twitter followers.  That’s free advertising to over 25,000 for SofaSoGood.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


What are your ideal people saying about you?  How can you provide crazy fantastic service today?

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