Hello there.


You’re here because you’re either:

a) looking for a copywriter

b) looking for an editor

c) Google search totally sent you to the wrong place–don’t worry, it’s cool.


What’s also cool:  Your business.


What isn’t cool:  Wasting your energy on business-y tasks that you don’t have time for.

Like writing website copy, blog posts, e-books, and any other slice of the copywriting pie you’d rather not tackle yourself.


Fact: You started your business because you’re a woman who believes your ideas matter, knows who you are and what you want, and loves what you do.

Not to write copy.


My name is Tiffany.  Writing’s my thing.  It’s my soul, my bust-a-move, my cherry on top.  I write to help women like you give an unapologetic yes! to doing your cherry-on-top thing.

Here’s how.












“I could tell Tiffany was passionate about our organization and could help us find our voice.  She got to know the spirit and the mission of Carolina Breast Friends, and asked questions that truly helped me tell our story.  Immediately, I knew Tiffany was going to give us web content that reflected our personality as a social group for breast cancer thrivers.  She made the process easy and when I finally saw the copy I was like “she gets it!!  She totally gets it!”– Shelby Jenkins, Carolina Breast Friends